Apollo Players

Have you ever thought that amateur drama might be a fun hobby and wondered just what is involved in putting a play on the stage?

Well, we can help you there!

Firstly it is a fun hobby, and secondly Apollo Players are holding an 'Open Evening' for anyone who is interested to come along and find out a bit more about the group and what we do!

We will be talking about costume, scenery, lighting, sound, front of house and, of course, acting and directing! If that’s not enough to tempt you along there will also be wine and nibbles!

Membership of the Apollo Players is open to all – we are a very friendly group - you don’t need any experience, just enthusiasm and commitment. If you don’t fancy acting there are plenty of other activities to keep you involved

The Open Evening will be held on Monday 3rd September at Filton Community Centre, Elm Park Filton, from 7:30pm

This is the perfect time to join Apollo Players, as we are just starting our new season and preparing for our November production, which will be performed at the Community Centre on 27th, 28th and 29th November.

If you would like more information please email apollo_players@hotmail.com

Apollo Players performed “Interior Designs” by Jimmie Chinn at the Avon One Act Drama Festival on February 24th 2007. All four members of the cast were nominated for the acting awards and we were given the Ian Wethey Trophy. This is awarded at the adjudicators discretion, on this occasion it was for our support of the festival, as we still entered the Festival even though had been unable to perform our original choice of play due to copyright restrictions.

For information about amateur drama in the "Avon" area try the Avon Association of drama website – www.aad.xrs.net

Theater versus cinema versus online streaming

Isn't film the form of art that we love the most? Besides music, of course. You can enjoy movies and drama on so many ways and in every part of the world. They infiltrated into our lives so easily and quickly, that we barely felt it. Theater is known for thousands of years. The live acting is still something we love and enjoy watching, that the movies can't give as. That is the main reason why theater is still alive and why people enjoy to go to the theater from time to time and watch actors perform live. But people don't only watch them, by sitting in front of the scene, they become a part of it and play a huge role in every theatre play. Today there are many forms of theatre that don't include only gesture and speech but also song, music, and dance.

The first motion picture was presented in 1896 by the brothers Lumiere, since then it is hard to exactly follow who, when and how continued it, but it doesn't even matter. The motion picture became an important part of our everyday life and will never stop being that. It is hard to talk about film and not mention Charlie Chaplin who was the first well known movie comedian. He made so many people laugh and still does it. Later became sound and color a part of motion picture and the real movie revolution started.

Soon we found a way to combine film and theatre. We call it movie theatre or simply cinema. It is a venue, often a building, that contains an auditorium that is used for watching movies. We all know about it, so we won't talk that much about the cinema. The younger generation should know that 3D movies, popcorn in cinemas and stuff like that were not available from the very beginning of the cinema era. During the 1950s and 1960s the words "drive-in" were referring to cinemas. Yes, people could come with their cars and park them in front of a huge screen and watch the movie while sitting in their car. That was popular in the US, and today there are about 400 of these drive-in movie theaters left.

The future of motion picture

Together with the internet came one more way of watching and enjoying movies and theatre. Just like online shopping, there is also the online theatre world. Almost every movie today can be watched online through streaming websites. Many theatre plays are being filmed by cams and later put online.

The live world is really huge today. We can enjoy everything from live television and movie streaming all the way to https://www.and6.com/. Internet is really a tempting world, but don't get too much caught into it, because you may never feel the joy of watching a theatre play or being a part of a big crowd in a cinema laughing or crying to a movie scene. A moderate combination of theatre, cinema and online streaming is the best way to enjoy drama, movies and other forms of film. We hope you will find your way and go to the theatre and cinema as often as you can, but also enjoy the online streaming world as much as possible.