Apollo Players

The thrills of performing on scene

There is no person in the whole world that never wanted to become a movie star. But there is not that much people that made it. The ones who achieved, did not wanted to become stars, they wanted to act. It is quite impressive to be able to perform live on a stage in front of so many people where every mistake you can make can be seen by everyone. But the passion for acting makes the biggest names of the theatre world go further and don't think about such irrelevant things as mistakes. Because if they somehow do a mistake, they can make every it seem to be done on purpose. They can make every false move or word seem to be planed. That is the reason they succeeded.

The talent is not enough, everyone knows that, but how can you exercise and gain experience in acting? The answer is simple - through life. Everyone has the chance to look at other people, to analyze their reactions and to try to mimic them. It is the most simple way to train your acting skills.

The feel

My name is Caroline and I performed a few times on Broadway. That were the most exciting moments in my life. Every time I go out on the stage I can feel the energy of the crowd. That gives me the feeling of importance and I can't stop trying to be better, to make my face expression more convincing and to put as much emotions in my voice as possible. It is really a pleasure for me to perform in front of people and I am so thankful for the opportunity that was given to me to turn my passion into a career. Once I get into the role, I don't have to think which way to turn or what way to look at, it becomes natural and I become the character I am playing on the stage. It is really a great joy of mine to perform in front of people.