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Beautiful theaters in the world

The reason people go to theaters is not only to see people performing live, but also to be seen. It is always quite interesting to put on elegant clothes, make everything look perfect and then go out in a crowd of classy people. You will not see a lot of "normal" people in the theatres today. The ones you will see are usually some important, rich, or well known people and those who really love theatre. Why is that? Why did the "normal" people stopped going to the theatre? I don't know all reason for that, but one of them is that since the theatre exist, in the form we know it today, it has only been that the people of higher class enjoy the act on the live scene.

But today the doors of every theatre in the world are open to everyone who is dressed elegantly and who has bought a ticket.

The most beautiful ones

One of the first theatres is the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. It has a capacity of 5.000 and had originally a wooden roof. Venice's La Fenice theatre is the one that staged the world premiers of Rossini's, Donizetti's and Verdi's operas. It is 224 years old and burned down twice in its past and raised from the ashes each time. The name that translates into "the Phoenix" seems quite appropriate because of that. The Guangzhou Opera House in southern China is a futuristic, curvaceous opera house and theatre designed by the great Zaha Hadid. The Boston Opera House is just spectacular. It was built as a memorial to Benjamin Franklin Keith in 1928.

Palais Garnier in Paris is one of the most beautiful, luxurious and dangerous theatres in the world. Dangerous? Yes, because in 1896 one person was killed after a six-ton chandelier crashed through the ceiling. Yeah, the theatre world can be quite dangerous.